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Saturday, June 30, 2012


OK it's 5:38 in the morning I haven't slept a lot the past few days. So I'd like to go over some things that just at really piss me off. OK so I was removed as a publisher Yes? And one couple decided to still associate with me. Then my friend gets removed also and they tell me to stay away from him. I'm sorry but Yeah u guys have been there but lately u havent. And the fact that ur telling me to do What uuuuuuu didn't do with me is bull. I'm not a hypocrite........ OK another thing is music.  If it doesn't have Good guitar rifts i start to get pissed if it has a Whiney ass Singer I get pissed. If the "genre" is Hipster or alternative and u still try to make me listen to it I get seriously pissed off and will cuss you out.  And metal if it doesn't meet my standards I don't want to listen to it......not slot people realize music is everything to me. It's all I've ever had to keep me moving. Not parents. Not friends.  Sure as hell not family.  Music, its always been music.....another thing is How my mom won't roll down my f*Ing window in the Car. It's the mountains.  Turn the God damn a.c. off and roll the windows down and cruise.......another thing. Is ty the little bastard has been stealing my stuff like knives that I bought and my sun glasses that iiiiiii bought. An D's he gets away with . When I confront my mom abt the knives. She ignores it. When I Confront her any the glasses s he said he needed them because he had some poison oak on his face. I called bull shit on her to her face. I've Had poison oak  cover the whole side of my face.  Did I need glasses?  Fuck No. .....and t he other day we were at our new dairy qyeen in sylva which is t he last thing this fat ass town needs. Yeah f at people disgust me. There shld be No Fucking reason u shld be that damn big. Anyway we were in there eating. Me ty Erica and mom. It was all fine and t he n Eric (step dad) walks In and sits behind us. So me and ty get in an argument which is nothing.  But he got in my face looked mean the eye and told me to shut up. Which ty neevvveeerrrrrr does.  Why? Cause he knows I'll whip his fucking ass on the spot. He did that be Cause his daddy was there.  So I got up in ty's face and said loudly "you will not talk to me like that. Do it again I'll wear your highd end out and if ur daddy wants to whip my ass for it then by God that would make my day. Why? Cause he hasn't legally adopted me and legally I Can pull assault charges and leave..... so talk like that to me one more time I dare you. You want your ass whipped and your older brothers ass whipped by youurrrrr dad? And then him leave and hate you forever? Come on do it punk ".....he just stood there like a dumbass.  Every bit I said was true. If I beat ty's ass which might be real soon.  His dad will come after me. And Yeah I'll lose more than likely if I don't snap his fucking neck. But either way I'm gonna put up a fight anD's in the end I'll win. Cause I'll get What I want out of this house and out of Eric's grasp.

I home is where the heart is. Why do I feel so fucking heartless?


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