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Saturday, June 30, 2012

R.I.P. Jesse Frank Bryson

"Take me back to How it use to be. I'll never close my eyes again. How could I ever forget a place like this? I won't forget. No I won't forget you"-Forgive & Forget by Miss May I

Jesse you were an amazing kid and I miss you man so much. I was fine for the first hour waiting to see you. But as soon as I saw, in your photos,&nbsp; remembered How full of life you were and then looking at you so lifeless like a doll I lost it.&nbsp; .........Jesse was my age. Died in a car wreck. Instantly.&nbsp; Just gone. One minute he was there. Next he wasn't. I'm torn up inside. And to make it worse someone prank called me while I was in line to see him. I didn't answer but they left a message. I hate prank calls in general but if you do it to me.....especially while I'm visiting a lifeless dear friend it makes me want to find where you live break in and slit your throat. I'm going now to the convention or whatever love you Jesse! I won't ever forget you man </p>

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