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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

if u like screamo annndddd electronica heres a great band and song to listen to Skip the foreplay "DJ"

now the first is winston mcall from parkway drive the second is jeremy mckinnon from ADTR i love theses guys alot and one day im going to be famous! i dont care what u guys say at all! when they always asked us in school "what do you want to be when you grow up?" id always say "idk" orrrr "Im going to be a rockstar" they always laughed but u see I didnt say "I WANT to be a rockstar" nooo I said "Im GOING to be a rockstar" and by god thats what im going to do whether im just the guitarist or bassist back up vocalist or a mix of them or the lead vocalist (what i really want). I want pictures to be taken of me screaming or singing my heart and lungs out while my chords are straining and my eye barely open with my muscles in my arms tenseing up showing my tattoos (yes im getting tattoos MUWAHAHAHAHA) so yeah ill have alot of other jobs before i make it big time but as soon as i turn 18 a few things are going to happen 1: Im getting tattoos 2: Im leaving sylva, no not to go to ashevile im going somewhere huge, now i hate the city and i love the mountains but there is nothing i mean NOTHING better than being an entertainer standing in front of a huge crowd cheering u on while u do what u love. and to do that im probably going to florida or out west...anyway i love u all but you're all worthless so follow your dreams

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