Warung Bebas

Friday, May 4, 2012

soooooo i was just minding my own business the other day in franklin  at a pawn shop and as i step out to get some air this girl walks in. I was like dannnggg look at that hair!!! So i smile at her and she gives me this little smile and a wink so i laugh a little and grin...i stay outside for a few minutes then i go back in and play some guitar and its a purple and black  which is at the top. andd ill be buying once i selll my $500 mountain bike. And she comes up and leans down and says "u know you should come over sometime"... i luaghed and asked why she said "well u got good taste in guitars and u can play my guitar anytime " and she handed me her number and as she was walking away i took a chance and said " \what kond of guitar do you have?" she looked baxck over her shoulder and said ull see shes very nice and curvy" and she winked and twiddled her fingers at me......i came a hair of saying of so u have a fender?  lol hahahahaha

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