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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

just videos that remind me of you and make me happy/sad all at once lol

i love this song one of the first songs i ever heard by rise against i still thank casey shafer till t his day for being an awesome friend and more my brother and being there for me and showing me awesome bands

man i love this band i dont care much for their screaming but just the beauty of all their songs even tho they can remind me of that special person i had once. and make me feel extremely depressed sometimes

i love this band (already said that didnt I??? anyway its a cool video

"Tell me how does it feel. to watch a child bleed to death. from a weapon you designed. you've spilt they're blood. is your pride really worth this? such a mindless slaughter. bow down to greed. bloodshed. your lies cut their throat. such beauty. such innocense. set to self destruct. as you nail their coffin shut. with your hammer of hate. the flesh is torn. hate reamins.the. flesh. is. torn. they bleed. bloodshed. broken by your hand.
who will bleed for you now." <- lyrics  .....(ok so one of my favorite bands EVER!!!! this is one of their first albums and i love the drums in it)

Bedrock cover!!!!

give me everything tonight cover!!!!!!

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