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Thursday, May 10, 2012


     Yeah sooooo ummm anywho updates....im getting a full acl reconsstrucion surgery on my knee so yeah......anywho also me and chloe shafer are starting a book club!!!!! yeah its going to be awesome im going over sunday to get some awesome cookies and to discuss books im going to also give her "name of the wind"...."beautiful creatures"..and "the way of shadows"....so me and chlo both agree that jane austen books are just too slow which is cool!!! and also shes going to be knitting me an awesome baggie beanie!!!!!!!! My screaming is becoming really good now which i am loving it!!!! ill be moving out soon to caney fork with the eberlys away from homw which will solve a looootttttt of problems for me...thats it for now ill see u guys later!!! Oh the name of the book club was "the mixed reads" like mixed breds but we changed it too "The never ending book club" like the never ending story which is cooler

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