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Monday, March 12, 2012

All new stuff

     Well I just thought I would post a few videos along with this latest updates on how things are doing. So heres the low down:  I made one kinda enemy but she is stuck up to begin with so who cares. I was uninvited to the mutemath concert which I don't mind but me loseing $45 now that REALLY pisses me off and I will be holding some people responsible for paying me back, I got to play guitar at the pool at the hotel and made a new witness friend and he plays amazingly! And I let him play my guitar cause well there was like 25 girls and 10 guys and 2 of my older friends had shirts on cause they are chubby so like the show off I am I fling my shirt off revealing my newly made six pack (Ive been working out alot) and dove over three people in to the 5 foot deep side and swam under water to the far end side. I twas truly spectacular. It was made out to me by the looks and my friend Raina telling me I was clearly the most fit and toned and muscluar guy there. Then one of my friends who was trained like a marine by his dad who was a marine started to grappel and fight with me (all play ) he tried to pull me under the first time with his leg lock on my foot but I conteracted it with a thai leg press on his shin and he started to scream and I pulled him under and he tapped out. The next time he tried to grab me but I back off and got to where half my body was out of the water and I started to get in position to kick box him out and I went at his face really fast with open palms (slaps) and he backed away cause he knew I had him there. Then we started grappeling again and I threw a left side kick and he caught my foot as I was retracting it and as he held I came up to put him in a forward choke hold and my calf in my left leg got a charley horse and he Pulled me under and I was forced to tap out. Then I ran for 20 minutes straight and I mean RUN!!! if you have a tread mill put it on 8mph and an incline of 35% and do it for 20 minutes. My calfs still hurt on this monday ugh. And then I truly had one of the best times on the way back home with my best friend casey.

     As you should know he is my screamo teacher, and at first he toild me I suck and yesterday he told me im ok now and getting better! I didnt get a chance to show him my best screaming which is like the screaming done in some of the song when keeping it real goes wrong by emmure and all the screamo done in knives and pens by black veil brides. Its a loud a higher pitch and casey cant do that kinda scream. He growls amazingly.

     And we went to asiana in asheville and,...ok first off every time me and case have eaten together we have stuffed our faces full till we have wanted to throw up and get bad stomach problems for a few days. And we had four big plates of sushi and other foods and we werent anywhere near full! WE WERE LIKE WHAT THE HECK???? OH!!!!! the reason I posted all signs point to lauderdale is because i wanted to say that I still dont fit in with people I love. I have always been a little to hard or too punk or to something. With the music I listen to and that I work out liek crazy and I am actually in shape and I dont mind fighting when its needed. (and yes someone told me I wasnt a punk this weekend and it pissed me off, it seems like that person is just always dissing me, but i love her so much and she is an amazing person!) So iI have just come to terms that I wont fit in FULLY most likely ever, but I always have me myself and jah, what else do I need? 

     So some newer stuff Is that I am sponsered as a blogger and as a boulder'er by a local clothing company and they want me to model for them in april. Another thing in april is I will be going to a dance party for modern dance and latin dance!!!! I cant wait!!!!! I am so gonna tear it up with my mom (we can dance!) I will also be getting my permit here in about two weeks which will be awesome!

     OMG!!!! Have you seen the latest once upon a time episode? I DID!!!! Red riding hood who is the most flipping hotest girl is the whole show!!!!! I mean she is a punk has a muscle car! HAs abunch of wolf stuff!!! (BTW im a wolf..a punk wolf!!!!) and so anyway *SPOILER* the episode is about the big bad wolf and red, so the wolf is ACTUALLY RED!!! :OOOO  heres how the convo went in my living room as me and my brother and mom were watching! "*as we figure out red is the wolf and she turns* Mom: oh my!!!! ty:holy crap didnt see that coming!!!!!! ME: thats soooo hot *drools*"

    I love my life right now! Im doing everything for one reason, jah! I do hope i make a bunch of people happy like my dearest friends and the person i love, but if i dont and im makeing god happy then who cares?

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