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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hay guys just checking in!

     SO I left my blogger alone for maybe ehhhhh two days? Well I get back on and BAM!!!! 150 page views in two days!!!! What the crap? Anyway heres some updates of my life recently.

     1: I was introduced to Rdio. It's alot like spotify but better! they have artists that spotify doesn't have! I really like it!!!! I also found new artists that I am in love with!!! like the band THE AUDTION!!!! heres a few links The audition: make it rain. And The audition: Edinboro. I really like them they remind me alot of Finch which I really love!!!! But they only have one good album and the rest suck and thats why they fell out. favorite song by them is here-> Finch: What it is to burn.  OH!!!! and lauren eckel if you read this, when you do your top ten thingy, nameing them would be a great help!!!!!
Here is some more new favorites I have discovered

     2: Um I forgot uhhh, hmm........Ahhhh yes to misses bookworm go for it!!! write a book! Doesn't matter if your anygood or not just go for it!!!! 

     3: My screaming has gotten alot better. Its very raspy and growly. 

     4: I found my big purple toboggan!!! I am sooo happy now!!!!
     5: I LOVE MY HAIIIRRR!!!!! not only does it still lok good and can be short and messy and hipsterish, it can head bang and can still look punk!!!

     6: thank you people for following me!!!!

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