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Friday, March 23, 2012

ehhh fuck the world off -kooks

  ya know for a sift british band they got a few good lyrics i really am ready to fuck this world off no friends, and my old ones are a holes and crap too me hahahaha its like my dark levels have gone from dark and depressed (around when I started blogging) then to non (last year) now its soooo dark like i dont care for my life at all. I do the craziest stuff with no fear at all. I find death hilarious. I told somwonw about this and they gave me the lame ass excuse rhat its the music i listen to. Hahaha WRONG!!!! I love my music it makes me happy and calms me. Idk how describe it but its just like everything went to hell and was screwed up around the end of last year but im sure its all my fault no.lie but still its always nice to be able to get out and blow some steam off by chopping down trees and hitting things till i bleed. Another positive note is im going to a huugggeee dance party for witnesses

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