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Monday, March 19, 2012

Whats up? and Whats new!!!

Ok so If you havent noticed I have been poting like crazy! And I will continue to post crazy like too!!!! Anyway Heres whats new, I can growl!!!!! And no not my natural wolf growl but the screaming growl used in music. Another thing is that I went to a kick BUTT concert last night!!!! (no this is noit the concert in which I WAS going to then was uninvited). Some of my musical theater people called me up and ssaid a biggish local screamo band is playing at the tea house in sylva. So naturally I walked. It isnt to far from my home, by the time I get there my friend had told them that I can scram and sing so naturally they wanted to cover a song. I Told them I can scream carrion by parkway drive, they didnt know how to play it (i was very sad) So I asked if they knew any a day to remember or ...black veil brides they knew like two of my fav songs!!!! ^_^ I was so happy I got to sing "You should have kille dme when you had the chance" By a day to remember and "knives and pens" By Black Veil Brides!. The lead singer kinda helped me with the mid range screams in you should have killed me cause I can only hit real deep like in carrion by parkway drive or ESPECIALLY in "When keeping it real goes wrong" By Emmure. And I can get the high range scream like in knives and pens by Black Veil Brides.

So I got up there and sang black veil brides song and got appluaded then sat back down....ok I DID NOOOOTTTT sit down because I was too busy moshing!!! They had AT LEAST! 40 people moshing, I am sure half didnt even like the music and just wanted to mosh and let out anger. So after awhile all I hear is "oOk for our last song we want tucker to come back up and sing and scream til you M!$^@$# FU$%#@^rs CRY!!!!" hahaha I was stunned, I get up and just go right into singing the BVB song (blck veil brides) after that they wanted more so me and the lead singer wanted to do when keeping it real goes wrong (which they performed without me) but together and like a duet screamo! and well I got crazy And mid way thru the song I jumped on the mosh pit...I wa sheld up for like a few seconds and moved back a couple feet then they brought me back to the stage, and I was all like " WONT!!!!! YOU BE MY BRIDEEE!!!!!" <-song lyrics! twas amazing tho i still have some blood on my face hahahaha

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