Warung Bebas

Thursday, March 8, 2012

     I don't know why but life just sucks!!!! who you think is your friends lie to you and leave you as soon you have nothing to offer or ask for help! Everyone will lie to you, and screw you over when they get the chance!!!!! Nothing is ever good enough for anyone!!!! As soon as you start crying they see that as a weakness and make fun of you whether it be in front of you or behind your back! They give you dirty looks, Whisper when you walk by and kick you when your down! I am TIRED and DONE with trusting people anymore this system of things is screwed all to crap and there is no use in trusting, loving, careing about anyone or anything in this world. Jehovah is not apart of this system...I wonnderrrrr why?

     Idk I mean to be honest, I am the farthest away from being even somewhat of a good friend. I guess I just get what I deserve and I dont deserve much.

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