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Monday, March 26, 2012

Welp :(

 well i refuse to spell check for this post.....i got my permit which was GREAT!!!!!! Then I went to ty's baseball game and helped coach the outfield since i played on two championship teams as a center-fielder and catcher and closing pitcher. Then I get a call saying my friend tried to commit suicide.......hes around 4 foot tall and skinny but muscular, he is one fun and funny kid hes older than me by a year. He doesnt do annnyyy drugs, that i know of and he tired to kill himself i mean the ONLY reason I could come up with of why in the hellll!!!!! he would want to die is MAYBE being made fun of his height but NO ONE made fun of his height and if they did his friends like me would set that guy straight and whip his tail!!! Im just so confused right now i mean ive handled with suicidals before and talked people out of it and all but i mean they were really bad off. I just dont know man i really dont ive been staring off into space for hours know just asking the same old question....why? If i could i would be pulling my hair out but i cant.........so after the game we were going out and my mom was at the highscoo and so i started to walk and saw my freind pull up in his old S10 red pick up. its low to the ground but still up to my head so he was my full back in football and my linebacker so i see this he stops and i run and jump on top of thetrucks head and i tell him to bring me to the highschool and he says no so i reach in to the window take a bunch of his quarters and ghe grabs my arm and i slap him really hard, i tell him ill give it back when he takes me up there so he fllyyssss off and swirves every chance he gets and speeds thru every corner he doesnt stop at where i need to go and i throw his change back and he says that i didnt give it all back but i did but he didnt beleive me so i just jumped we were going about 20mph and i almost fall on my face but i dont and he laughs his butt off as he speeds off. man was that fun. now im back to this emotionless asking why pit of mine....

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