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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


     Knock knock who's there. these are the beginning words of one of the worlds most known jokes. and this joke is the beginning of a very minor part of happiness.Well what is happiness? Thomas Jefferson put in the Declaration of Independence that man be allowed to pursue HAPPINESS.But why did he put pursue? Can man only pursue happiness? And never capture it, hold it, love it? This is very good questions i am asking but is there an answer......
     Here is a good one "What is the ultimate question of the universe?".This a very good question but where was this originated, when and who pursued this. It would take a life time to answer this question and after that you would need another lifetime to pursue the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. And wouldn't "What is the ultimate question" be the ultimate question? Why i think the reason this is for who ever originated this question was trying to tell those who think they are smart are stupid, cause the ultimate question is simple but hard but right in front of your eyes, for the ultimate question is "WHY" and the answer is everything. well not everything exactly; you see for the ultimate question has no ULTIMATE ANSWER but MANY,MILLIONS. 


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