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Friday, March 23, 2012

Whats new and whats to come

     Weeellll I spent the night and day with my two bros casey and chris shafer and my newer friend jay, well we came to find out that we are a bunch of party animals! PLAYERS!!! AND HARDCORE GUYS!!!! hahaha me and chris traded punches all day and in the morning we tore down a chicken coup. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! so out of an impulse we decided to head to tennesse to go to a knife shop! which was also amazing!!!!! We played a classic game to see who could get more numbers and what not. Casey didnt play cause he is with some one They are like the only people that actually talk to me now which I dont mind they can up hold a mature convo, same taste in music mostly. I love spending time with the guys we talk aabout our girl options and what not idk im kinda down alot more but them im happy alot more so idk. I dont get any association in the truth and what I do everyone is ignoring me me and im tired of it even my elders are like that all I got now is the shafers and my boss and bob and joy. but on the flip side I finally can scream pretty dang good! Heres what happened in the car for no reason on the way to TN> *casey slaps me in the face*....*i hit casey in the pec*......
..*silence for a few minutes*....Casey-"sorry for slapping u"
Me-"yeah sorry for hitting too bro" *fist pump an laughter * hahahahahaha I will MOST LIKELY be going to the A day to remember, and rise against concert. Im sorry about my complaining its like all my mind is raceing with ideas. I showed chris a pic of a girl that likes me that is 18 and like three more pics of girls at LEAST!!! 18 nits lke as soon as i turn 16 BAM!!! all these girls come at me im like WTH!!??? But the last one I showed chris was like "Man ur 16 and  getting more tail than IIII get NOW!!!" but I think Im going to take a chance with this girl and see what happens shes cute...very cute and very much so in the truth which i need its her number one priority which is EXCATLY what I am looking for!!!!!! btw these words and feelings ^^^^^^^^^^ were copied and pasted from what I wrote on my phone like a month ago, or some long time. except the day with the shafers bit. idk eh im so hurt right now idk what to do, the shafers say that I just need to forget about my old frinds in franklin and get new ones........ but they are all I know and I love, tho they have been a bit of an ass to me every single time ive talked to them. But oh well what can I do right?  I am habeing a  meeting with some elders to go over some stuff I have been doing to improve myself and ways to get me closer to regaining my status. I saw the hunger games. it was pretty good seneca crane was amazing they really broadened out on his character unlike the books and MAN!!! was his beard sexy as heck!!!!! another fact is im growing my facial hair out! One good thing about being single is no girl can tell me whats hot and what isnt.....wrll they still do because wll they are girls and supposedly know better? hahaha whatever all that matters to me is how I feel and I feel grat and one more thing! IF u are going to be a bitch or an ass or a stuck up prissy person to me dont expect me to show kindness and careing and loving feelings cause that rarely happens with me ingeneral and Im sure as hell not going to do it when ur treating me like that!!!!!

-Proudly brought to you by tuckers anger and rage and hate

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