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Monday, March 26, 2012

sorry I am writing so many posts but when I post one. people have vewied it so many times I dont want to go back to adding new stuff....So annnyywho!!! I saw a acquintance the other day and she goes to the hub (school of alternatives) where my mom works. Apparently she told my mom that I scare her and that I look very scary........and she said that I never looked like that before and mom asked if he acted out line and the girl said "NO!!! he was actually a genjtlemen and the same old hilarious tucker once you got past the part of how buff he has gotten and how dark and scary he looks" .hehehehe that hyappens sooo much now!!!! cause I havent been to school since last year or
MORE!!!! another cool ditty is when I went to the midnight showing of the hunger games my old lineman saw me and said he saw pics on facebook from me and heard alot about how great I did....WE ARENT EVEN FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!!!! :O ^_^ idk im just so uber happy right now!!!!!

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