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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updates and new stuff...isn't that the same thing?

     Ok, so I made a new friend. First off we have been friends for.....Three days? and we already have at least 1700 messages. Well this is some of the poetry I made her show me that she wrote. She doesnt really like her own stuff and says I'm way better but I say the same thing. She seemd pretty dark...I LIKE IT!!!! hahaha I'm just tired of being the only one that is dark. She also has health problems like with her knees sound familiar? hahaha And she loves adrenaline rushes and pushing her limits. Anyway her is some of her poetry but first time for updates.
     First off I kinda just lost someone I love. They didn't die. It's just complicated. And besides being down all the time because of that I've been practicing screamo singing. And I have gotten to use it twice in public. And both times people liked it the second time tho was better. I actually had people clap for me haha.

     I finished a new song on guitar that I named Agatha's Fine Goodbye. I play it everyday and can't get enough of it. I also learned to play "You had me at hello" by a day to remember which I love....Has anyone else besides me noticed that alot of screamo bands have some AWESOME!!!!! acoustic songs?

     Speaking of A Day To Remember...I GET TO GO SEE THEM ANNNNDDD RISE AGAINST!!!!! EEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!!! hahaha I love these bands!!!! Before I forget my friend ashton says "eep" in high pitched voice when you squeeze right above her knee. Ok well I LOOVEEE these bands and all of my friends are jealous well some are some could really care less. But HAY!!! I will get to go with my bro casey! Love that guy. And I will get to do something that I haven't done in awhile..*deep screamo voice* MOSH PITTT!!!!! After what I've went thru this past two months and someone always saying "rest!, DONT DO THAT! you'll get hurt!!" I'm going to go all out on everything....(I miss hearing those words tho : (  ) ANY WHO here is the two poems "It" and "Teen'' By: Raina Woy

Ever see something out of the corner or your eye

When you look it is gone

Ever feel like someone is watching but no one was ever there

Do you start hearing things

Guess what, you are stuck in fear

You can't get out IT simply won't let you

You are alone

Mania starts seeping in

You try to block it out

It won't let you

Your walls are weak an brittle

You start to stiffen

Can't breathe?

Here IT comes..

It can smell your fear

Fear calls to it

Now it has you in its grasp

Your poor attempts to gasp for air will do you no good

You give your life's last breath

IT drains you to your death

Trapped in fear..........

Are you aware

Cab you stand a stubborn teen

Who writes poems as if death is lurking your way

She doesn't like you

Are you alert

A stubborn teen may get you hurt

Many things have happened.. Have you heard

Steer clear, leave her be, she always gets away

Scary things may happen to you today

You can't escape now. You can't hide from me

Your image burns inside my memory

To relieve this agony... She manipulates you mind.

She gives you her pain and strife

Are you aware
Are you alert

This stubborn teen may get you hurt.

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