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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank you

I dont have alot to say but i just want to say thank you to tghose who read my posts. I have like 3 followers but I get people from asia and europe and alaska reading it, so I thank you. Ok so, I have one update after all, and yes its disappionting. Well my pay check got cut by 50%..yeah major..So now i have to get another job and I am going to wait till the 17th of this month cauyse it makes it alot easier cause I'll be 16. And I know some may think this isnt bad at all....Weeelllll my second job will cause me to miss some meetings, and the rare times that I have gotten to spend time with my friends in frannklin will be cut down to none, I may get to like once every three months if im lucky. But im working for my grandparents this week and because im haveing to move big moldy stuff everywhere im getting paid some big bucks. so ill be able to spend alot of money in asheville with what seems like the last time with my friends next wednesday at the waltz night at the orange peel. NOW!!! I didnt want to tell anyone this because one people i usually pay for there stuff when im with them will not allow me to do that. and two will look at me different IM STTIIILLLL the same person!!!! LET ME pay for your crap or your trip!!! I save up to do this! I PLAN on buying you satuff WHY???? Cause I like to!!! Why I have to get an extra job is so I can have some food when my parents arent with me which is ALOT. and so i can pay my bills...Anywho besides that im haveing an amazing time! I want everything to go perfect on the 11th when we get to waltz night!!! I got myself a tailcoat. And i want it to be awesome cause it may be the last time for a VERY LONG time that ill get to see my friends. PEACE! LOVE! and i miss you all!!!!

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