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Friday, January 13, 2012

new song lyrics

     Ok so I was inspired this morning..welll not inspired but more of I heard guitar chords in my head and then i had lyrics that I was screaming...Yes these lyrics is screamyish but more of like soft bullet for my valentine or hard three days grace. And before people go on and say I wrote this for someone..I DIDNT! I never write anything for anyone.

And ALL I did
Was want to fall asleep with you
And as we lay here in bed
I can't forget All The THINGS I said
To you
Just wanna hold you in my arms
And thats when I HEARD you say
As I held you in my arms
You pulled that trigger and blew me away
But IIII still
Love you ALL the same
Evn tho
Im TEN feet in the ground
The love my heart still pounds
And thats all I have to say
For you today

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