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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nothing new but argueing! :D

OK first off I've been real happy the last couple of days and today.....I still am and to start today I would like to argue : ) ....Ok so one of my sisters (not by blood) (or marriage) wrote a blog (click link) about music today not haveing any meaning and it isnt what it used to be. And the music industry. Ok so first off Lauren your too dang picky, I know you already know that but I'm just sayin. And the music industry right now is THRIVING! to be honest most of the bands you like were from an era where the music industry wasnt good 1990's - early 2000's. It hasnt been this good since the 80's. And too be honest I HATE the stupid music today  but its what the people demand apparently so thats what they give them. Plus there is bands today that make music worth listening too. NOW you may not like it cause your not openb too all music but alot of todays music has meaning for instance RISE AGAINST is an amazing screamo/heavymetal/rock band but when most people hear the first few chords they are going make one of two desicions, not listen or listen. Now this band has heavy riffs and big drumming (like most heavy metal) BUT!!! the lyrics to almost EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!! has meaning and once you actually listen to that then you'd understand. Plus music will never be exactly like it use to be cause as long as people change (which they always do, history repeates itself) then so will thge music. And besides your a musician!!! How awesome is that? VERY!!! go make your own stuff, and dont say you suck cause you dont and if you did LEARN to love your own stuff!!! No matter what II or others say screw 'em and keep on playin!

Peace, Love, Keep on Keepin on!
Tucker Wolf Moore

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