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Friday, January 27, 2012

MUST READ!!! Video break down

-straightens tie- HMM hmmm
     Ok. Now thats done I would like to say a few things before I get into some deep stuff here kiddo's. First WHHYYY??? will blogger not let me tab? It makes it really hard on me to count out five spaces haha. Second the carrion I just screamed was from one of my favorite songs ever that almost make sme cry every time. The name of the song is carrion by Parkway Drive. The begining is HUGE!!! I love hitting those notes! You use your diaphram alot to scream. But I like it. Cause every time I scream carrion I use as much energy as I can and I kinda shake and tense my whole body. I feel so..... at peace when I scream that.

     So. I think im going to put a link to the new Star Wars Old Republic Game. (<- click to watch youtube video) This video made me cry. YES I SAID CRY!!!!!! I am a huge dork and huge geek and I love music. So when you put one of my favorite movies (star wars) and make it into a game and then post the EPIC! gameplay on youtube with one of my favorite songs ( Carrion by Parkway Drive ) well you get me crying in front of a computer screen watching the same video 10 times. (side note: February 10th this year star wars is coming out in 3D :') you can bet big money I'm going to see every one!!!)

     Have you watched it yet? The star wars old republic gameplay? Well if you havent you might as well stop watching cause im about to go deep here haha.....

     Ok. So the gameplay is from what I have seen is amazing. But I'm here to talk about this video and what you see. Ok you from the begining there is some pretty cool battleing between jedi and siths. The first fight scene with the green saber jedi and the main sith is m y second favorite out of them all in the video, there is little things that I didn't catch till I watched it again and again. Like for instance besides the part where the jedi totally jumps over the saber throw at 0:36, but at 0:50 to 0:54 there is a part where the jedi and sith lock sabers and then the jedi just hits him with the staff end of his lightsaber, I LOVED thatt!!! I really like that this game has more..how you say fighting with hand to hand combat like in the first episode star wars with obi-won and darth maul (in my opinion best fight scene out of the movies).

     But, now for my favorite character out of this video and fight scene. Right at 1:10 you see the i suppose commander of the republic commando marine clone troopers? The one without his helmet. And he sees the sith, sees the bullets and what not arent doing anything. SO like the bad ass he really is he just charges him!!!!! I MEAN GOOD LORD!!!!! How awesome is that? Here is a clone! They don't get alot of respect but they give it EVERYTHING!!! RISKS IT ALL!!! Knowing they can be replaced as easy as pie! And that made me ball my eyes out. So he takes the sith head on and about five feet from the sith the sith uses his eletricity to electricute the marine. What does the marine do? Wellllll lets see he FEAKING SCREAMS! AT THE SITH!!!! AND KEEPS...ON...MOVING! Did I mention that on the marines way to the main sith he takes down two siths? YEah he does!!!Then thats when the jedi uses her force blast to blast them all away. You can see the marine in the back dazed by all this then someone gives him a gun and he is right back at it! So then this awesome girl jedi with a double saber staff jumps in and takes out four or five siths in a flash and heads to the main sith. They battle it out and then the sith gains the upper hand by cutting her staff in half and sending both peices flying and he goes to stab her in the heart. And she uses the force with her hands to stop his saber. Then thats when my man comes in. The marine to tackle the sith and they lock up and the sith (much stronger) easily gains the upper hand. **Sith throws a punch marine catches it. Marine throws a punch and sith catches his wrist**but you see they are locked in hand to hands and the marine throws a punch that the sith easily catches...The marines eyes closed you see the hand that the sith is holding open! And the marine is holding a thermal detonator! He presses the button BOOM!!!! marine is dead the sith scarred but not dead. The jedi comes and uses force push to force the sith up against a big rock face about a 100 yards away or so. The sith struggles to get out and he slowly screams moving forward then the jedi uses a HUGE force blast to destroy not only th sith but art least half the rock face...The end...I love the marine he gave it all for nothing. And that makes me cry everytime...

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