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Friday, January 20, 2012

happy at last

Looking for a bloody sky
In the plains of hell

Can anyone feel the pain I feel?
And no please don't Tell!

All these scars just cut deeper
From all the evil I see in my own eyes

But when I am happy I am noy monsterous machine
I don't hear all the childrens cries
I actually see a way out
Im tired of being nothing to myself
This darkness I have come to know so well
How can I let something go when its all I know?

My saviour has gone and left me

Left me for death Sweet death
To take me in my sleep tho I hope i met it head on
like a rushing bull to the matador only to die a slow and painful death

But for now I am happy with this
Happy with my pain

seeing clearly for the first time
I realize that living


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