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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What do I have left?

What dooo i have left? Cause i don't know. My whole life I've played football.raised to play.and that's all i can see now. It hurts so much ill just sit on my bed sobbing with tears and pulling at what hair i have while listening to the boys of fall. That's all i know how to do. I don't have anything else goinfor me right now. I just don't know what to do. I do everthing ok or bad. But football was a whole other story. I was great! I set two school records as a freshman and for half the season i had a broke arm! I broke the most interceptions in a season and most yards after catches........with a broke arm. I never complained i never back talked i was perfect. We were a brother hood. And now im in the truth and my so called brother and sisters r rejecting me my friend who has been my sister for ever hates me and so does her family im.being bullied by a baptized brother and no one cares or does anything! Where in the hell is the respect! Yeah i get im.not worth anything but even a tiny mouse deserves his justice. Do you know what its like to be able to wall into a classroom and kids ur own age and older look up to and look to u for protection? No u don't cause most people have lived sheltered lives andhave no clue wha the world islike! I was raised poor and still am and in a small town like this football is everything. I went to a football game the other day and some kid I've never seen came up to me and said " are you Tucker? #23? I saw u play! Your a beast on the feild! Will u throw ball with me?" I busted out into tears and toldthe kid i'd be honored. His dad saw that and asked me why i cried. Andi told him that i love football and that i should have never quit. And i told him to let his boy do what makes him happy. And he busted into tears. So here i sit sobbing and choking on my tears wondering why in the hell am i still liveing?

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