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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Fair Day

Ok well I have nothing to update books wise ive read just about the most I can bear right now. wait i did read the squires tale #2.Maybe I already blogged about it.-goes and looks-............................................Ok no i havent ok well anyway this book is well I will give it 3.5 stars ..ok the reason them stupid stars are up there instead of over here is cause i dont feel like fixing it sorry.But any way this series is made up of a lot of short books. The second one was ok in the beginning and then a little bit better then WHAM!!! some thing happens between the main character and the king (i loved that part) and then it climaxs and border lines all the way to the end which i loved. If you are into medieval storys, fantasy storys, or both like me and my best fre...my friend Meggellys does then this is a must read. Ok now back to what I came here to write about. -le sigh- Ok well me and my best friends went to the fair the other day.Im getting happy again just thinking about it. Well I had an amazing time:
Megan said:
"hmmm... I think my favorite part was dancing to "Bottoms Up" while waiting in line. I liked "The Pirate" the best. I liked the first time we went on it. hahaha"
Lorna said: So what was your favorite ride?
"The Himalaya. I remember riding it Im not sure how long ago with my mom, it wasn't that one specifically but it was the same ride and it was just as fun as I remembered it to be."
And what was your favorite part of that day?
"Hmm I think just being able to hang out with my friends and all of us having an awesome time together with out being bored out of our skulls."
Kailas thoughts on the subject have yet to be known i will update this post soon tho.
My favorite part was actually being able to be in asheville for the first time and have a good time.Plus I was with my sister and my two friends. there was only one down time if that. FOr me my down part was when i actually started to think.....well as in i wonder off and i am like in my own demension thats when megan started to wave her hand in my face and then we got on the himalaya..and again sometimes it does suck to be the bigger one like on rides that spin u around u get squished but ive been thru worse so it was nothing. Tho at one point i couldnt feel my foot for a moment.And I am really glad i got to tag along and thankful i have such an awesome sis and freinds. I cant wait till we get together again which might be at some skillet raven party? idk i asked if i was invited and i got an imediate no from the girls so i  get it its cool but kaila is going to try and teach me to swing dance at another party or get together....I tried swing dancing at mcdonalds with her and i cant dance apparently without ghettoing it out.Im sure that will be fun.And then i have to help with alot of my best friend sheyanes graduation party which i wont be going to because its in december and if u know me that is my last work month and im not taking any off days cause its the last time i get to work before i start back homeschooling.Well i am extremly upset i wont get to dance with my friends and slow dance with emma which is the most cutest thing on the earth to me.. and i wont get to make lauren try to do anything really which if u knew her u would know that i love to tease and aggravate her cause she is the one who enjoys sitting in dark corners doing nothing.But the bright side of it is i wont have to go and see half of the people i hate in the world :)...well i think im done so ill see who ever reads this later unless i dont know that is.BYEZ!

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