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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tucker the Fae

Love what is it? Hmmmmm.???? IDK. Love to me is seeing the trees and rotting leaves underneath it and knowing that tree is conected forever to the earth.They are one! The tree didn't ask for this but neither did the earth.BUT neither complains.You might think that is because they can't speak. Well sorry to disappoint but they do in such a way that no one can explain but feel even I can barely begin to comprehend there speech.The tree why it provides us with air in its most simpilist functions.It gives earth the most beautiful sight o look upon or up at.And earth why she returns the favor with thin and thick blades of over 100's of different shades of green grass and millions of different types of beautiful shoots of flowers.Such beauty cannot be harnessed.Then these evil despicable creatures come and destroy and desimate what GOD HIMSELF gave them! They come and destroy once was theirs to build monstrous things of metal and for what? FOr their love of their type of green "beauty" (money). And for I to be apart of these creatures makes me want to vomit. For I sall never, NEVER be one of them! I shall die alone, yes I am lonely that maybe eone day I might find such a love that i feel for the worlds natural beauty around me in a human. This natural beauty that was given to us by god and and was meant to stay but one day it shall all be restored.....................one day.

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