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Sunday, September 11, 2011

just boring.....or is it? yeah it is

Ok well im considering quitting blogging...I may start a new one on tumblr but Idk I mean I like writing and all but I like feedback as well...its just like this stupid town I want to to do more but I can't.well I finished reading the squires tale 2 I thank megan Eckel so flipping much for reminding me of my most favorite of books that I haven't finised the series yet. Well ever heard of the girl next door?  Well it's like the hot girl next door that the guy likes and some guys fantasies -rolls eyes- well I just realized im the boy next door..there is this stupid little blonde girl who visits her grandparents every year more than once and like every time I see her I always have my shirt off doing something hot like working on something playing basketball or playing guitar..and she flirts with me all the time.well besides tht I read something that makes me want to g back to not ever giving a $&*% about anything...."the person who always cares about everyone and trys to make everyone happy is always lonely"...well besides that I get t go to the fair with by far my bestest friends ever! And I am going to win that stupid $200 on the bull ride and im going to buy a plate with the money too...and for some reason I want a new kitty one that is blonde

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