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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yep Soooo i didnt go to the total w
ar concert cause well i know more than half the band personally and before they were in the band. Meh but apparently the principles at tje highschool are out tp bust me. Idk what for cause i dont do anything.ugh as soon as i do good. Satan be all like u shall be punished! Hahaha silly satan u no get me. Hehe. Besides tht i drank 120 ounces of monster.......yeah its 348 im reaping the consequences.  Major head ache and wanting to throw up but cant. Anyway will i drink it again? Yes but not tht much! Anywho im not gonna name names but u know who u are. Look i have tumblr and i follow alot of people. And alot of the posts have cuss words. Now if i reblog them i cut what other people cuss out!  Now other people who are beginning to join my tumblr i am warning them of ur tumblr. I show them the posts u post and how u fail to edit them.  And then i show them the email i sent u asking u to refrain from cussing and how u said its a reblog and how i said u can still edit it and how u ignored it. Now i have no.clue what ur situation at home os or what ur life is like im not.judging u. I care for u i really do and as someone who has a hard time from using curse words such as myself its hard for me to see u do this and i truly hope u change it please:( im not perfect and far from but.all i want to do is right amd help others do it. Call me out if im wrong. Anyway idk what to really talk abt now im tired feeling horrible. And want money ugh oh! Yeah so i spent 15 bucks on mew strings they are black strings i really didnt care what color they are i just saw they were the biggest gauge so i got em the 6th string is .50 so yeha big. Why did i get em cause i play in a drop c and lower (drop b and a) tunings. So another thing let me tell u people something im a good person regardless of my actions and yes i listen to metal and screamo it is music! I check the lyrics the band and everything it is NOT!!!!! devil music! OK!!! now screaming is a unique way of usei.g vocal chords not tryin to sound lile satan.  Btw and fyi satan is a fallen angel (<- poisen (80's band) reference ). I grew up (still growing) listeningto to everything i still do. My brother listens to rap and pop. Mom listens to 80's-90's music mainly dad likes country and erika....wellll im gonna do my very best to educate her in all ways of music causr if she is anything like.me and mum it will mean everything.  I would rather her look emo than be a slut! She has attitude but shes beastly. And she digs screamo. Oh and there is a european or some country that has a way of singing called throat singing or something and o think its weird but look it up it is the same chords used as screaming except less harsh. Oh! Another thing hehe. Idk what it is but i do not see the point in takeing pics of urself at concerts. I mean u do know the people u paid to see is on stage???? Im not dissing u but i mean Idk take a pic with the famous person i have with friends.  And of they dont come out then they are either very busy or not worth seeing amd to stuck up to appreciate who pays them!!!! (Miss may i) oh and for those who diss moshing quit! U enjoy the concert ur lame way and i enjoy it my way.  Me and three other random people had to explain what moshing is to someone today. I put it like this. "Moshing was invented from punk. Its a way to take out anger amd build trust. How?  U can push people as hard as u can and when u or someone falls someone is right there to pick u up a complete stranger! Moshing is a perfect example of how there can be structure in chaos!" We arent dumb teenagers ...megan eberly;) matter a fact the last concert i went to i was abt the only teen to get in the pit. Am i crazy?  Yes ive been tested. But i can handle myself Hahaha oh rockstar drinks are abomination to energy! Monster all the way!

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