Warung Bebas

Monday, September 17, 2012

ok so like have you guys seen my new guitar????? welll iii loovveee ittt!!!!!! it plays so well!!!!!!! and i need to tighten the tuning pegs and maybe some bigger gauged strings...why?? so i can play heavier you see i play in drop C# to drop A tuning and i cant get my guitar will get to drop B right now but its still alittle fuzzy and so i need bigger strings! my friend is going to let me borrow hios huge peavey amp  so you know what that means!!!!! thats riiigghhhtttttt i get to bug my neighbors allllll DAY!!!!!! yes two of my neighbors are elders so what?????? im not screaming just playing lol. also i have two amps right now one is like 12 watt one is 10 the 10 works the 12 doesnt but the speaker does so im going to be doing some rigging with my wires and solder so the pegs on the 12 dont work but the pegs on the 10 watt control both itself and the 12. not that hard but just figureing it out will be tricky but like always i will get it done i wish it didnt rain tommorrow and do....if it doesnt i get to work and make money if it rains i get to go to my paws garage and play and fix up my amps. im gonna post a video of the two songs i can play all the way thru

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