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Monday, September 10, 2012

minescraft tnt scientify experimenty

note: I used normal cobblestone for this experiment and not any other form of it Ex.stone, stone block, stone slab

     So i brought it upon myself to find the explosion radius and area of a a single tnt block in minecraft...after 2 hours of studying and gameplay (never thought id say that in one sentence) I have concluded that if! a single TNT block is placed surrounded by complete cobblestone it will destroy 1 block in three directions (creating a cube of destruction) horizontal (back, forth, left, and right), vertical (up, down), diagonal (only way i can explain it is...top left right, top right left, bottom left right, bottom right left). anyway if you do not understand well your stupid.......I would also like to say that i started useing sand and not my correct form of doing it V you see below in pics V and i ended up haveing to use a formula that i remembered to find the side of a triangle. which is a(2)+b(2)=x (the root of x)=c
a and b equal two sides known and c equals the other side x well is just a variable used in the equation

as you can see i made a huge block 12high by 11 wide and 7 wide of cobblestone

i put my tnt in the middle of one face 12 by 11 side

ignited the tnt

it destroyed 1 back 1 to the side and one up and just to make sure I >>>

filled the hole once more back to what it was put the tnt back in its orginal place thennn!!!!
i created a..well its hard to say but anyway i made basically a 3by3by3 cube outside of the tnt and ignited it

and well my results were conclusive 

p.s. I am sure this has already been proven but....im hardheaded and bored and felt like doing something to activate my smart parts (made up) in my brain. so shush.

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