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Sunday, September 23, 2012

new song and stoof

so its been 6 days and ive gotten 100 veiws on my blogger thank you guys so much! its not much for alot of people but it is for me ok so first off have you tried bacon flavored sunflower seeds???????? amazing!!!!! i love em tho i found them in a gas station 30 min.s away so ill have to look around town for them. so my hair if i have a beanie on it goes to the middle of my eyes. i love it im going to try and straighten it. btw the reason i said if i have a beanie is because my hair puffs out and it has a big curl inwards once it gets long so it shortens thus why imma try and straighten it tomorrow.but besides tht nothings really neeewwww there is one thing but idk if it will happen and i dont wanna get my hopes up but besides tht im gonna start running alot like every sunday and monday if i can!!!!! but tomorrow is monday and im afraid we shall not be running, hahaha i called my buddy who lives like 3 minutes away today and he cant sing, or scream, or even play guitar but he is in band and knows all the musicy stuff tht i have no clue abt so basically i got an idea to make a song named

Not all faery tales have a happy ending

When hope is all but lost
And everything falls apart
Alight from the darkness will rise anew

tis where a feary tale shall start

(yes i spelled fairy "wrong"...in my opinion thts the way you do spell it cause they are part of the fae world) thats all i have for right now but basically i want to start off with me saying that in a whisper and i either want a slow picking pattern clean to start off from the beginning and then stop as i say the last line then the heavy stuff comes in or i pick before the last line then the heavy starts after a little silence. the reason why im having him help me is because i need help putting together all the little things i have created on guitar and he can help me put it different ways ya know? plus he can compose music and play i think piano so it will help basically hes the brain im the raw talent 

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