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Saturday, October 20, 2012


sooo you know how i said id show u guys my 300 something playlist of screamo and stuff????

wellll i dont think im gonna do that anytime soon hahahaha its sooo long
 buuttt heres some new songs i upload to my phone tonight if it has a "(ns)" it means not screamo

A stained glass romance- tom cruise control
Bless the fall- Rise up....rise up acoustic...promised ones
Scarlett O'hara- Lost in existence
The crimson armada- Forgive me
Confide- Such great heights
Shoot the girl first- Last breathe for a capulet
Forgive my silence- This is only the beginning
Raise the sails- John riis became one of them
Stick to your guns- Amber
Victory sweet victory- Sun and the stars (ns)
To the lions- Breathless
Periphery- Letter experiment (instrumental).....Make total destroy...Icarus lives
Sirens & Sailors- You and die...I've got a masters degree in common sense
Erra- White noise....Pattern Interrupt
Like moths to flames- Leanr your place
In fear and faith- Heavy lies the crown...Live love die....The taste of regret
Miss may i- Day by day
Palisades- Disclosure
Phoenix- Lasso (ns)

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