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Sunday, October 28, 2012

idk random stoof but cool

pond nymph anyone....yes i shall take her muwahahahahahaha

well i have to say ive been single for a few months and it feels awesome dont want to be single but im not rushing its more of like oh hey u like me? well ok i like u to lets have fun...meaning no fornication bad bad bad stuff. let me just say this im a romantic not a whore!!!! nor am i easy or a flirt anymore

things i wanna do that i havent in a year or more than 6 months: cuddle (y) kiss(6m)
things i have never done and want to: have "kiss the girl" playing while i go to kiss the girl....kiss next to a pond under the stars
kiss  in the snow
kiss l in the library
kiss on the beach
cuddle in the snow/sand/harbor of a pond or ocean/ under the stars
cuddle/kiss in the gardens and behind the biltmore house

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