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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update or just my problems ;)

K. Well this will be the first post I have written tht is actually not a poem or in tht style.....But then again I am Very happy. I'm happy because someone loves me, and my darkness has subcided......for now. But other than that i have been trying to read but it seems I have to much on my hands to do it. I'm always working or playing guitar or fixing my truck or working out. At least I don't listen to books.
This is me at benching 160 now!!!!! And the thing is im benching more than anyone my age right now and I AM A VEGAN!!!!!!! hahaha..... You wanna challenge me? come on i dare you. But anyway last time i measured my biceps they were 15 inches around but that was a while ago. This is a pic of me four days ago i took I dont know why I took it still dont know why haahahaha...I'm also training for the warrior race next year.Its a 5k race thru mud and wire awesome right? Well my bestest family friends told me about it and by the time I tried to sign up it was too late. But all I want to do is beat them..ANd all I do is win..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGXzlRoNtHU  ........Click this link and you'll know what song NOT to play while I'm in a compitition cause I'll go NUTZZZ!!!! Litterally this year during football season I earned one of my nicknames CG (concussion giver) cause this song came on during a game i was like coach " I want it coach I want it I want it I want IT BADDDD AAAHHHHH!!!!" ..."K tucker go run 49 toss sweep"...Well I ran it for a Touchdown but knocked some kid bout my size off his block  tht tried to tackle me hahaha dont mess with me and football! hahaha ............But anyway it feels good to be in love.

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