Warung Bebas

Monday, July 16, 2012

well its one in the morning another night i cant sleep...i cant say why because its family problems if u want to know email me or something.......but anyway I thought Id get emotional (As usual) and tell you guys something


   Some of you have noticed I tend to blare my music thru my ear buds....well there is a certain reason why usually its cause i want to block the world out and sometimes its because I want to hear evverrryyythhinnnggg and pretend im actually at the concert.......but tonight this morning im blaring to get away im blaring it so loud i can barely concentrate on one thing  which is goo im blaring this music because right now right here...in this moment everything is wrong and the only way i can keep all in keep it all from exploding is blare it......i blare it so i dont cry show how pansy i am. music is everything to me no matter where im at they cant take away my music. my heart is a music maker my mind produces lyrics and my voice creates sound. "cut my tongue.torch my eyes, all your love was a bunch of freaking lies. PRODUCE WHAT WE DEMOLISHE!. FORGIVE THE SINS WE HAVE FORBIDDEN!" (i decided to throw in a song me and some guys are working on (metal stoof))

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